Saturday, April 11, 2009

Aebleskiver Route

This route received its name because it was formed as an excuse to stop by Danish Days in Viborg and enjoy Aebleskiver along the way at the Methodist Church. The brain child of Cycling Cathy, this route has a fairly flat first 35 (leaving from Vermillion going North first) with the last 40 having some decent rolls in them.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Vermillion Meckling Loop

This is a loop that we run quite often. From my house on the east side of town it's just a shade over 30 miles. It follows Hwy 19 to the Bluff Road north of Vermillion. You follow the Bluff Road until the Meckling Road. Staying on Meckling Road until it ends (turns into gravel) and you come back into town on Timber Road.

A few little rises but a good flat fast course for when you are looking for a speed workout. Other than the initial stretch on Hwy 19, very quiet country roads. Biggest concern may be an occasional dog popping out for a look see on the Bluff Road.

Vermillion to Nebraska Hwy 12

This route takes SD Hwy 19 on the west side of Vermillion over the Vermillion/Newcastle bridge where it becomes NE Hwy 15 and continues on to Nebraska Hwy 12. An out an back ride that is flat on the South Dakota side with some decent climbs once in Nebraska.

Very scenic 20 mile ride. Nice wide shoulder to the Missouri River on the South Dakota side and it disappears on the Nebraska side.